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Let it BEEEE...

I recently purchased a metal sign for Spring that said "let it BEE" with a bee on it. It reminded me the the title of my last session of a chapter I published in 2022.

Let It Be


The future is for celebrating—sail to something bigger, don’t just swim downstream. I don’t know exactly when I looked up and found my soul or looked down and found my feet. I truly found peace after I had cried a river. My grief and healing journey is not over. I wish to send a message of hope, love, and endless possibilities to healing. I have always said that if we were given a tiny window glimpse of the future, we may have swum upstream and probably drowned. Look forward to the voyage.


We know how to find flow and understand the past to get to the future. We understand how to be mindful and breathe without fear. Recognize gratitude and learn to wash away disapproval and resentment. Don’t just get good at grief and pain, get good at confidence and repair. Rise up and rejoice with joy, love, and trust. Don’t let go of hope, just let it be. There is a science in trusting yourself and healing your imperfections to a beautiful value—sand to pearl.

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