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Let's Start Here, my story...

I have big dreams and fantasies of being a life long learner. I teach to learn not to teach. As a young child I was a "dumb," very much not a "smart" student. I really struggled with worth and belonging. Fast forward a million years to the reason why this website is called paperback connections. Because I want to be an author. I feed my purpose and soul with books. I am an author of my own story; of my own life, which has happened for me, as you might say through many miracles. I have become a bit obsessed with ordering 100's of books, paperbacks, audio, kindle reads, listening to workshops, etc. This is from a person that "hated" to read and learn. I am sure now, I had not found my souls mission/course. I was a slow reader with zero memory, comprehension, memorizing ability. I had a lazy eye, a learning disability, and dyslexic traits, emotional trauma, which currenting do not impair me. Yes, of course I still have these things, yet the point being... through several methods I have completely overcome them. These miracle's will be next.

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